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Official art of Mallo

Mallo is the main character of the game. You control him in your quest to rescue all the children from the mind bending pushmos. As stated by the games, Mallo is forgetful, even to the point of forgetting his own name. He is very strong, and can pull and push on the Pushmos with ease. He is good friends with papa Blox, and Poppy, helping out both of them by rescuing children and birds respectively.

Appearance Edit

Mallo's figure is a small red blob with a peach colored face and beady eyes. The top of his head is shaped like a traditional Sumo hairdo. He wears yelllow gloves on his stubby hands and a blue mawashi (Sumo Belt). His upper lip is composed of two bulbous segments, with a small lower lip.

Trivia Edit

  • Mallo is seen taking children on a trip to Pushmo Park. It is unknown if these are his children, or if they belong to someone else.

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